The Next Generation of Office Interior Design is Here

The Next Generation of Office Interior Design is Here

Office décor is one of those things not a lot of people think unless it’s absolutely horrific or wonderfully fantastic.  In one sense, that’s perfectly understandable given the fact that for many of us, office décor tends to be something we see so often that we have a way of blocking it out to an extent.  In one sense, that’s a rather interesting metaphor for the corporate world today—seemingly uniform, but if you stop to really look at it, you might be surprised by way you see.

As such, you want to make sure that the interior design of your office space is as positive reflection of your company, so that when people do stop to give your business a once over they’re pleased by what they see.  One of the hottest trends in office space interior decorating right now is to give it a “next gen” feeling, so here’s a look at how to do just that with your workplace décor.

First Impressions Are Everything

For one thing, your office interiors can be seen as a reflection of your company.  In many ways, it’s the first impression your place of business is likely to make—even before a service individual makes contact with a customer, the first thing they’re going to encounter is your interior design.  What kind of impression do you want that to be?  Let things get a bit sloppy and dishevelled and your company comes across as “not having it together” and unreliable.  Go the opposite route and make it all too conservative, and it can come off the way Muzak does in an elevator—absolutely yawn-inducing, and not exactly the kind of thing that smacks of effort or motivates a return trip.

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Décor: The Next Generation

So, what can you do to ensure that your company makes the best impression possible when it comes to interior design?  By embracing and incorporating some quality Next Gen Office Fitouts in your overall décor scheme.  This can be a great way to modernise your office space and, in so doing, make your company appear more on the cutting edge to potential customers.

Some tips and tricks for achieving this?  For starters, you’ll want to look into the idea of making workstations more public.  “Open” workstations, along with glass panelling and minimalist design aesthetics, are some of the most popular trends in the world of office design.  Both an open space and the glass panelling can give the impression of transparency, all while looking vaguely futuristic.  Here is another tip:  When it comes to reception counters, a curved design is aesthetically popular, with the colour scheme again featuring some combination of three of the most instrumental colours in any minimalist design—black, white, and various greys, from textured granite to smooth silver.

All this and more can help to make the right first impression with clients, earning their trust and in turn spearheading your business.

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